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Women's short sleeping gown Pettrus 2402

Short sleeping gown, with comfortable pockets. This Pettrus robe is made of coral fabric polar type, with a very soft and warm touch, ideal to be at home on colder days. 

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Discover the newest in Pettrus women's polar short sleeping gowns

Shorter robes are becoming more fashionable, especially youth models. They are comfortable and do not disturb when you wear them to be at home. They are also easily fastened thanks to the zipper. In this case we present you with a model of polar short gown dark grey color with a friendly beanie with tassels that simulate funny little ears. In the central part also incorporates black tassels.

If you want we also have other models of women's robes so you can keep an eye on it. 

Pettrus is a guarantee of quality in the national women's gown market

Pettrus has been in the sector for many years and has always been characterized by offering high quality garments made with excellent raw materials. If you decide on a garment from its collection you will see how you look super satisfied: no annoying balls, always maintain the color and never deform. 

We have available more models of clothing from the Pettrus collection in case you're interested in seeing them.

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