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Sujetadores Selene

Sujetadores Selene

Underwear and lingerie Selene 
Selene Creations is a national company with a very wide range in bras. 

Selene Creations has over 35 years in the market for women's lingerie so. Selene has created all kinds of patterns and trends for all types of women, adapting to fashion and trends from the slope of the fashion. Selene pos features quality garments and prices. 

€15.37 Impuestos incluidos
Selene bra with double "Push Up". Push Up is an extra filler that helps enhance and augment your chest. This model augments your chest in up to two sizes. The bra is "Balconet" type, with a fairly low cup joint, which...
€15.35 Impuestos incluidos
Bra in cup C with rings and cup, with a fine padding that helps shape your chest. This model features a fine lace at the top of the glass that gives it a touch of elegance.
€17.17 Impuestos incluidos
New Selene Violet bra with crossed cup, large capacity in cup C, with tulles in laser cut, to be able to eyepiece and hide the inequalities of the chest and armpits, giving adequate coverage and excellent equality to...
€16.85 Impuestos incluidos
Are you looking for a bra body? Selene presents the model Elena, body bra color land, collarless and unfilled B cup bra provides you control your body and shape your stomach giving side naturally. It has adjustable...
€13.18 Impuestos incluidos
Are you looking for a push up? Bra that enhances your chest? Here's a novel model of the house Sonia Selene. It is a push up bra with a fun grid taxed. It's a push up bra, with a little more padding than normal on the...
€12.10 Impuestos incluidos
Selene presents the model Vanesa, padded bra and underwire in cup C, which means that your cup is the highest capacity and most common standard cup holders B. This account suejtador filled with fine print satin. This...
€15.35 Impuestos incluidos
Selene from the variety of fasteners, also presents a fastener body, Leonor model. This is an unpadded bra body, collarless, and a B cup underneath the breast contour front opening with snaps. This bra features a...
€13.02 Impuestos incluidos
The house model Claudia Selene is a C cup bra, ie, with large capacity cup. It is a C cup bra without padding and underwire. It is an ornamented by tulle and satin combined with model. This bra C cup you can purchase...
€14.94 Impuestos incluidos
Sara Selene model provides a D cup bra on, which means that it is a model with high capacity drink is more than the C-cup bra is a D cup with a fine filler to shape your chest , and a very comfortable and good hold...
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