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Egatex is a Spanish manufacturer specialized in the line of gowns, nightgowns and pajamas for women. Their garments are characterized by being the best in the market in the homewear sector, thanks to the use of top quality raw materials.

Egatex is Spanish but is also present in other countries. Egatex has three collections, the main call Egatex and Señoretta Ladies and Gentlemen I am collection. Egatex offers products of very good quality and very durable. The customer purchasing this brand products, usually repeated for your satisfaction. 

Woman housecoat Egatex 142139 Woman housecoat Egatex 142139
Reduced price-40%
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€31.20 Impuestos incluidos €52.00
We present this young woman gown egatex home. It is a model of super fun smock, with a print in multi color hearts. This is a juvenile buttoned robe with collar, cuffs and pockets top sheepskin type fabric. Egatex is...
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