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DIM Underwear and Lingerie 
Dim is a French brand dedicated to the design and production of clothing inteior man, woman and child. See his catalog 

Dim, a French company, works with underwear for men, women and children. Dim noted for its variety in tights, stockings, bras and boxers to chico.Dim good raw materials used in the production of their products. The Dim brand has basic items, year after year augmente sales, and then also have the two collections corresponding to winter and summer. 

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Dim presents its new collection packs bikini.Se panties 3 is a collection of 4 assorted packs of DIM panties in pink and blue, maroon, purple. DIM panties ideal to carry in your day. Every other one DIM pack panty...
€12.20 Impuestos incluidos
Were you looking panties DIM? Here are the latest DIM briefs. It is DIM panties in gray and navy. These panties DIM has a tulle on the side of the English. In more detail you can buy the matching bra.
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Looking cotton panties that are not classic ? Here is this 3 pack of cotton briefs House DIM stamped with rubber band view and embroidered brand name . Each pack includes three units, one in smooth , another in some...
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Te presentamos lo más nuevo de DIM en cuanto a sujetadores reductores. Se trata del modelo DIAM'S Minimizer, el cual está compuesto por dos capas de elástico y resistente tejido que proporciona máxima sujeción, máximo...
€27.20 Impuestos incluidos
Support and comfort for everyday use, with a more modern and more feminine touch with details and forms that contribute to the line impeccable aesthetics. Apart from the basic colors (white, black, brown and skin) and...
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