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Selene Antonela Bra

Bra in cup C with rings and cup, with a fine padding that helps shape your chest. This model features a fine lace at the top of the glass that gives it a touch of elegance.

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The Antonela selene bra is available in sizes from 90 to 110. It is a C cup model that you can choose in black, oiel and rosé/ makeup colors.

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€10.82 Tax included
Sujetador con aro y relleno Selene Carolina. Selene te presenta uno de sus productos estrella, caracterizado por su alta comodidad y su gran versatilidad. Se trata de un modelo básico, liso y con un fino relleno ayuda...
€13.00 Tax included
Flavia Selene bra, underwire and padded C cup and C cup is a cup of over capacity. The cup is smooth, with a nice two-tone lace back i wrapped in tulle for greater endurance. Available up to size 110. If you want to...
Elegant set Demar 915/5204
Reduced price-30%
Limited special offer
€19.95 Tax included
Sharp and youthful Demar whole house. This is a stylish set with a ecru beige pinstripe on. At the top of the glass has an elegant white tulle. This elegant set also features a hook strap to cruzarlos.Eleante...
Set stamped Demar 913/5204
Reduced price-30%
Limited special offer
€19.74 Tax included
Are you tired of smooth sets and basic colors? Here we offer this model home Demar, set in gray and estamado floral motifs. The bra is a B cup, padded and underwire. The bra has a thin gray lace at the neckline bra....
€11.87 Tax included
Sujetador Selene Nati con aro y relleno en copa C. La copa C es una copa de más capacidad que la copa B. Incorpora una fina y bonita blonda en la espalda. Se trata de un modelo muy cómodo que moldea tu pecho gracias...
€13.70 Tax included
Padded Bra and Selene rings. This is a bra specially designed for big breasts, thanks to its great subject. Designed with a special brace width to hold mejor.Incorpora liniales engravings uniforms.It is available in...
€13.20 Tax included
Are you buscanco comfortable bra to wear in your daily life? Here is the basic model of Gisela available in black and smooth gray, with a small white lace stitching on the neckline of the cup. This basic model...
€9.15 Tax included
Sujetador Selene Ana, con un fino relleno i sin aro. La copa es totalmente lisa, para que no se marque con tus prendas más ajustadas. En copa B, está disponible desde la talla 80 hasta la 95 y en colores blanco, negro...
€13.18 Tax included
Sujetador básico con un fino e imperceptible grabado, con relleno y con aro, en copa C de gran capacidad. Disponible en tallas de la 85 hasta la 110 y en colores crudo, negro y tierra.
€10.96 Tax included
Bra underwire and padding Selene Jessica. It has a smooth drink, perfect for your tight clothes. With the mink will prevent light colored clothing Claree you bra. It's a pattern "balconette", perfect for all kinds of...
€14.94 Tax included
Sara Selene model provides a D cup bra on, which means that it is a model with high capacity drink is more than the C-cup bra is a D cup with a fine filler to shape your chest , and a very comfortable and good hold...
€12.14 Tax included
Need a strapless bra? Here the model Mercedes, padded bra, underwire in B cup and strapless. Actually, this bra has two types of removable straps according to your needs, or color or transparent bra. This strapless...
€17.17 Tax included
New Selene Violet bra with crossed cup, large capacity in cup C, with tulles in laser cut, to be able to eyepiece and hide the inequalities of the chest and armpits, giving adequate coverage and excellent equality to...
€13.18 Tax included
Selene presents one of the new models, Greta, characterized by its high comfort and versatility. This is a basic model, with polka dots and a fine filler that helps shape your pecho.Dispone a smooth drink, perfect for...
€12.10 Tax included
Selene presents the model Vanesa, padded bra and underwire in cup C, which means that your cup is the highest capacity and most common standard cup holders B. This account suejtador filled with fine print satin. This...
Modern set Demar 914/5204
Reduced price-30%
Limited special offer
€19.81 Tax included
Modern and elegant home set Demar. Is indeed a set filled with glass ring and B. The set is filled in white combined with gray. The tie is striped and thin, and has hooks so that they can be folded. The set is...


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